A beautiful garden is an on-going process. Whatever your problem is, feel free to contact us. Our highly trained and experienced teams are ready to offer innovative and handy solutions based on your needs and budget.


As a company that is constantly striving to provide fast and efficient service of the highest quality, Green Forest offers unique support and consultation to its customers. All you need to do is tell us your needs and we will get back to you with our recommendations totally free. If you require information that can be answered without visiting your place we will get back to you either by e-mail or by phone.
If however, you are interested in landscape design it will be extremely helpful if you could also provide us with a plan of your land accompanied by your thoughts about your garden and how you imagine using it. In this case we will arrange to meet with you or your representative at your property in order to develop a brief which will enable us to propose the best possible solution for you. Further to that meeting we will send you our proposal designs along with a full plant list, irrigation needs listing and the total cost so you know from the beginning how much everything will cost and avoid unexpected costs.

Send us an e-mail, call us at 70009006 or just fill in the form below to get in contact.

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